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Welcome to Red Buffalo Coffee!

Our coffee is roasted right here in Kansas to our specifications. The roaster starts with 100% High Grown Arabica beans which means you receive the freshest, most satisfying coffee around. We offer 38 flavors and 12 straight coffees in whole bean or ground, most in both regular and decaffeinated blends.

Kansas is famous for tall grass, sunflowers and Van Gogh skies...not exactly coffee trees. But plains Indians combined natural berries and herbs to create remarkable beverages and we believe Red Buffalo coffee offers similar exciting blends for the modern world.

We feature a variety of special coffees, both flavored dessert and gourmet, caffeinated and decaf, whole bean and ground. We're equally proud of the gourmet jams & jellies! All are made from real cane sugar & 100% all natural fruit. Our berry jams have a robust flavor and are seedless. All of this means our jams & jellies are delicious and good for you too. Everything sound great? Can't decide? Try one of our special Red Buffalo gift boxes. We promise you won't be disappointed.